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Pixel Love
   Pixel Love - JEAN-PIERRE Klifa

Jean-Pierre Klifa has had many aspirations over the years but he has remained true to the blues and his music. Writing and playing music for a number of years, Jean-Pierre has recently made a commitment to his music . His creativity shows at every note played or sung in his songs.

Inspired from genuine events and persons to imaginary ballads and love stories, Jean-Pierre transports us in a world of unique music, dominated by his blues influences , but  also by bluegrass and country and naturally good old rock and roll.

This first album is a testament to his dedication to his Genre...with such songs as the cotton Fields which chronicles the life of legendary Bluesman "David Honeyboy Edwards" as much as the personal mystical rock ballad "at the beach".

Jean-Pierre is in his own words mesmerized by the guitar, more so than any other instrument. "on a guitar, the possibilities are just endless..........12 tones that never end being, pulled, bent, hammered in a myriad of tones and combinations....It's like a galaxy of notes..."

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